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Socialist joins City Planning Commission

Cea Weaver (Credit: Bkmag)

Public advocate Jumaane Williams is set to nominate Cea Weaver, a left-wing tenant activist to the 13-person City Planning Commission, NYPost first reported. Weaver is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and the campaign coordinator for Housing Justice for All.

  • Overton window is shifting: She has previously suggested that housing is a right and landlords “should not be profiting off something people deeply need.”
  • Hard to overstate importance of Mayoral primary: Thankfully, Jumaane Williams can only appoint one of 13 members on the planning commission. The mayor appoints the chairperson, who also serves as city planning director, and six other members. Each one of the five borough presidents also appoints one member.
  • REBNY’s James Whelan responds with same old message: “With New York confronting an economic crisis of historic proportion, it would be unfortunate if the City Planning Commission became another vehicle to block the creation of good jobs and much-needed housing and investment.” [NYPost+BKmag]

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