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Google proposes only three days a week in the office

Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Credit: CNBC)

With the pandemic still in full swing and the first doses of a coronavirus vaccine just starting to ship in the United States, Google has pushed back the planned return to the office to September 2021, NYTimes first reported.

  • Dig Deeper: Google outlined a series of proposed changes that may substantially alter how its employees and people at other technology companies will work. In an email to the staff, CEO Sundar Pichai said the company was testing the idea of a “flexible workweek” once it is safe to return to the office. Under the pilot plan, employees would be expected to work at least three days a week in the office for “collaboration days” while working from home the other days. 
  • Why it matters: Other tech companies may take their cues from Google, which has been a pioneer for many aspects of work life.
  • Worth Noting: Last month, ViacomCBS said it expects most of its employees to divide their time between working at home and in its offices. In doing so, the company said a hybrid model would allow more flexibility for employees, while reducing its real estate needs and keeping costs down, the Times noted. [NYTimes]

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