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Americans on the move

Three percent of American adults have moved either temporarily or permanently and six percent say that someone has moved into their home because of Covid-19, according to new Pew Research Center data. In total, more than one in five adults either moved themselves, had someone move into their home, or knew someone who did due to the virus. Nearly one in ten Americans aged 18 to 29 said they had moved because of the pandemic, and many of them have returned home. 

  • Worth Noting: Pew did not specifically ask respondents if their move was permanent or temporary, but only 9% said they had bought or rented a permanent new home, indicating that most of those who have been displaced don’t plan to stay in their new locations for the long term.
  • Other changes: Doormen have long been a treasured perk in New York City, but the pandemic is upending the rules of real estate. As residents avoid elevators and face-to-face lobby encounters to socially distance, some potential homebuyers now see doormen as a liability. Additionally, ground-floor apartments are gaining favor because they offer an escape from elevators and lobbies, where germs can spread. Outdoor space is at an even higher premium now, and people are increasingly searching for apartments with laundry in the unit. [Bloomberg]

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