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NYC to enter Phase I

New York City will enter Phase I of the reopening plan on Monday, which allows for 400,000 more people to return to work. Mayor De Blasio said that the city could enter Phase II as early as the beginning of July. 

  • Phase 1: Non-essential industries will be allowed to open under low-contact conditions. These include construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, limited retail service, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. Within each industry, social distancing of six feet must be enforced and face coverings must be provided at no-cost to employees, NBC noted.
  • Worth NotingOutdoor dining is now allowed in Phase II of the reopening, a change Gov. Andrew Cuomo quietly announced. The New York City council introduced a bill yesterday that would require the Department of Transportation to identify streets and plaza for outdoor dining, and guarantee outdoor cafe licenses for restaurants in areas already zoned for that use, according to a report in the Commercial Observer. [NBC+CO]

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