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NYC retail stores ransacked

citywide curfew took effect at 8pm last night as officials tried again to curb the violent clashes, looting, and other destructive acts that have marred protests and demonstrations. Hundreds of people continued to walk in large groups through Brooklyn and Manhattan even after the curfew officially took effect, NYTimes reported.

  • Worth Noting: There were scattered break-ins, including at Zara and Verizon stores in Lower Manhattan, and a Gap store in Greenwich Village. Still, there did not appear to be rampant reports of stores being broken into as there had been on Monday when there were 700 arrests.
  • Flashback to Monday night: Many stores along Broadway, Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue were ransacked including a Nike store at 20th Street and Fifth Avenue, a Cohen’s Optical at 14th Street, and the Microsoft store on Fifth Avenue. Dolce & Gabbana, LV, Moncler, Camper, Dior, Chanel, Diesel, Supreme, and Lululemon were also looted, according to the Commercial Observer.
  • Historical context: The last time New York City was under curfew was in February 1945. Fiorello H. La Guardia was mayor. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. The Allied forces had just bombed Dresden, Germany, and the United States was facing a coal shortage. The director of war mobilization imposed a nationwide midnight curfew on all “places of entertainment.” [NYTimes+CO]

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