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WeWork members demand refund

(Credit: WeWork)

A group of WeWork members hired Jim Walden of Walden Macht & Haran to demand the co-working giant stop collecting membership fees during the pandemic. WeWork members have argued the way the co-working firm frames its deals makes them more akin to gym memberships than traditional leases. 

  • Alienating customers who have a max of one-year leases: Members have been disappointed in how the company went about collecting rent. The firm sent demanding emails, charged a 10 percent late fee for missed payments and took money out of their account in the middle of negotiating deferrals, forcing them to fight to get the money back, CO noted.
  • Noteworthy part of the letter: “WeWork’s actions are both unlawful and hypocritical since, as we understand it, WeWork has not been paying full rent to its own landlords.”

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