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Governor Cuomo extends eviction moratorium

Governor Andrew Cuomo (Credit: Reuters)

Governor Cuomo extended the state’s moratorium on residential and commercial evictions for an additional two months through August 20. He said he was unsure if the moratorium would be extended beyond then, TRD noted.

  • Heard in Albany: When asked about relief for landlords who might struggle to make mortgage payments without rent revenue, Cuomo indicated that the state is “working on relief from the banks for the landlords… We are helping landlords, but on a human level, I don’t want to see people and their children being evicted at this time through no fault of their own.”
  • Worth Noting: Cuomo also said that late fees and missed payment fees would be banned, and that renters would be able to use their security deposit instead of payment. The eviction moratorium doesn’t prevent landlords from demanding repayment of rent.

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