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How to reopen America

1271 Avenue of the Americas (Credit: Ken Smith Workshop)

Some states took tentative steps toward reopening from lockdowns as officials debated how quickly to remove restrictions amid uncertainty about when the worst of the pandemic would subside.

  • How to reopen America: Although salons, retailers and other businesses in several states started to reopen over the weekend, public-health officials warned social-distancing measures would likely continue through the summer and a return to normalcy could prove fitful, WSJ noted.
  • Supply without demand doesn’t work: Getting companies to resume operations and factories to reopen is only one piece of the puzzle.
  • The Key: Persuading consumers to brave catching the coronavirus and go out to shop, eat, and travel is another. Anxiety over job loss and shrinking savings could also prompt people to be more judicious and cut back on spending.
  • Long road ahead: With Americans over 65 years old accounting for 20% of consumer spending, demand could be constrained for a while given this group’s heightened vulnerability, according to Bloomberg.
  • New York Update: Governor Cuomo outlined his plan for a phased reopening of the state after May 15. The plan calls for reopenings to begin on a regional basis after a 14-day decline in the hospitalization rate. Construction and manufacturing businesses will be the first in line, Politico noted.

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