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Health concerns top economic worry

Coronavirus (Credit: Lee Health)

Health concerns still take precedence over economic worry by a wide margin for Americans in their views on when to re-open the country, according to a CBS survey. Sixty-three percent are more concerned about lifting restrictions too fast than lifting restrictions too slowly.

Ugly numbers portend especially poorly for retail and hospitality sectors:

  • Only 13% would be comfortable going to a large sports or entertainment event.
  • Only 15% would be comfortable getting on an airplane.
  • 29% would be comfortable going to restaurants or bars.

Backdrop: About 4.4 million Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, though the rapid pace of layoffs appeared to be easing. That brought the five-week total to more than 26 million, which would suggest an unemployment rate between 10% to 15%, CNBC noted. Monetary and fiscal stimulus can only help so much.

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