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President Trump extends guidelines

(Credit: White House)

President Trump said he was extending the administration’s social-distancing guidelines for another 30 days through the end of April. The President extended the guidelines as patients besieged hospitals and the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus surged past 2,400 over the weekend. Nearly 965 of the deaths were in New York City, the American center of the pandemic, WSJ noted.

  • Worth Noting: Legislators from both parties, administration officials, economists, think tanks, and lobbyists are already discussing another emergency-spending package to try to keep the coronavirus crisis from turning into a 21st-century Great Depression. The latest measure was mainly about keeping U.S. commerce on life support while it endures a medically induced coma.
  • Be Smart: The ideas being floated include extending last week’s package to make the benefits last longer, as well as providing more money to shore up state government budgets collapsing under lost tax revenues and new spending demands.

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