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Radiator Labs – Startup Spotlight

Founder Marshall Cox (Credit: Pablo Enriquez/NYTimes)

Radiator Labs is bringing steam heat into the 21st century. In the majority of older buildings, systems run boilers to cater to the coldest room in the building in order to meet statutory heating requirements, drastically overheating the majority of other rooms. The US Department of Energy estimates that 30% of steam heat is wasted due to overheating, translating into over $7 billion in annual waste in the US alone. Money is literally flying out of open windows!

  • Innovative Solution: Radiator Labs has developed the Cozy: a smart, internet connected, radiator enclosure that easily installs over existing radiators. The Cozy enables tenants, for the first time ever in this type of building, to control their climate via a digital thermostat and mobile app. In building wide installations, the system redistributes steam flow, getting steam to colder rooms without overheating, saving over 25%, on average, in heating costs and drastically reducing a building’s carbon footprint.
  • By the Numbers: Since its inception in a Columbia University dormitory in 2011, Radiator Labs has installed over 5000 Cozies in approximately 50 buildings, mainly in New York City. The company is now focusing on expanding operations both in NYC as well as other cities around the United States.
  • Notable clients include: LeFrak, Rudin Management, Columbia University, the New York City Department of Education, and the NYPD.
  • Recent Hire: Matthew Isaacs, Vice President of Business Development and Sales. Radiator Labs recently brought real estate pro, Matthew Isaacs, on board to head up business development and manage the pipeline of new projects. When asked about his new role Matthew remarked “I’m excited to join the talented team at Radiator Labs and work towards enhancing the efficiency and comfort of New York’s classic buildings.”
  • Give the Founder the Mic: Founder Marshall Cox: “We are thrilled to bring Matthew Isaacs on board to head up business development for Radiator Labs. Our award winning Cozy technology reduces fuel waste by up 47% in steam heated buildings, as 3rd party verified by NYSERDA, and finally gives tenants the ability to set their own temperature. Given the confluence of market conditions and the passage of Local Law 97 earlier this year, we felt that Matthew was the right person to scale the company and provide relief to people suffering from being miserably overheated and salvation to building owners from ever increasing heating bills.”

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