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Startup Spotlight – Equiem

(Credit: Equiem)

Equiem offers commercial landlords and property managers a tech platform that helps improve the working lives of office tenants. 

  • Why it matters: Used by over 145,000 office workers, Equiem’s app helps attract and retain tenants who benefit from frictionless access to fitness classes, conference centers, and other building amenities. Equiem’s technology is used by more corporate tenants than any other provider, across more than 60 million sq feet of office space. 
  • Clients include: Newmark Knight Frank, Blackstone, Lendlease, Unico, Nuveen.
  • Give the founder the mic: CEO, Gabrielle McMillan: “With tenant expectations changing rapidly across the US and workers now demanding better hospitality, amenities and convenience, we’re in a unique and hugely exciting position to help landlords across the country seamlessly transition from owners to sought-after service providers.”
  • Fundraising: Equiem has raised over $20 million in funding to date. The firm recently completed the largest funding round by any tenant experience tech company to date, raising $8.5 million from a number of parties, including two new institutional investors Perennial Value and Regal Funds Management, as well as several high net worth investors in the USA.
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