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Softbank to raise $108 Billion for Vision Fund II

SoftBank is seeking to raise a total of $108 billion for the second Vision Fund. The Japanese conglomerate is also taking more control this time around, committing $38 billion in capital itself and replacing Saudi Arabia as the largest investor.

  • Other money behind the fund: Masa has already secured investments from Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, Apple, Microsoft, Foxconn, Japanese financial institutions, and Kazakhstan’s sovereign wealth fund.
  • Dig Deeper: U.S. regulators are about to approve the Sprint/T-Mobile merger, which will unburden SoftBank of billions in debt and give them the breathing room to invest in the new fund.
  • Agendas: Goldman is contributing in hopes to get hired on the IPOs of the fund’s portfolio companies; Standard Chartered hopes to lend to them; and Microsoft wants users for their cloud platform, according to the WSJ.

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