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Anti-conversion language in new rent regulation law

A provision in the new rent regulation law requires that 51 percent of existing tenants agree to buy their apartments before a building can be converted into a condo or a co-op, according to the WSJ. State legislators who favor the anti-conversion language say it was meant to kill off a practice they believe harms the living conditions lower-income residents when renovations are being done to upgrade the units. 

  • Absurdity explained… Conversions have a positive effect! Co-op and condo boards invest in improving their buildings to keep it to the new standard of living. These conversions also provide a new source of wealth to renters who bought their apartments before a huge run-up in prices, or received cash payments to move out.
  • Immediate fallout: The new restrictions will help condo developers by cutting off a source of new supply, and lead to price increases

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