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Cortex sees surge since Climate Mobilization Act

Cortex sees major surge in demand for its Building Analytics software since the passage of the Climate Mobilization Act.

  • Recent deals include… RXR’s 1285 Avenue of the Americas (1.8 Million SF), and a 6-property expansion with two NYC institutional clients totaling 6.8 Million SF.
  • Sound SmartBuilding Analytics provides a low-cost way to get ahead of the new City Council mandate. It represents a significant advance over earlier real-time energy monitoring software applications, using advanced data science and machine learning to understand how the equipment in a specific building responds under different operating conditions. Cortex contractually guarantees energy savings net of fees.
  • Heard on the Street: JLL’s Dana Robbins Schneider: “Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.” 

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