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JLL unveils new digital assistant

(Credit: Amazon)

JLL unveiled a new digital assistant they are building for office workers called “JiLL”. The app uses voice based technology similar to Amazon’s Alexa and will help office workers file maintenance requests and book conference rooms.

Dig Deeper: Vinay Goel of JLL told Geekwire: “Our vision is that over time we could create a third party marketplace of skills that you can add to JiLL”.

Sound smart: The industry continues to try to turn their real estate expertise into successful tech offerings. It has been an uphill battle so far to build these technologies in house.

Worth Noting: Amazon halted its partnership with WeWork for its ‘Alexa for Business’ last November. The service was intended to allow WeWork employees to reserve conference rooms or adjust room temperatures by simply talking to the Alexa-powered device.

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