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Elon Musk eyes rideshare fleet

(Credit: Google)

At a shareholder meeting yesterday, Elon Musk was open to the idea of launching a rideshare fleet with human drivers before starting an autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020.

Dig Deeper: A few months ago Musk admitted that it won’t be possible to have robotaxis “in all jurisdictions because we won’t have regulatory approval everywhere.”Allowing human drivers in the short term is a good stopgap.

The vision: Musk wants a Tesla owners’ personal car to earn money for them while they aren’t driving. With a target of one million Teslas on the road by 2020, the company has a massive fleet of cars to pick up and drop off riders with its auto-pilot system. 

By the numbers: Uber’s $72 billion market cap is nearly double that of Tesla. As Electrek notes, that explains the car makers’ focus on autonomous ride sharing.

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