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City Council strengthens rent regulation laws

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson
(Credit: WSJ)

The City Council approved a package of 17 bills to strengthen protections for rent regulated tenants, according to CurbedNY. Several measures were aimed at making it harder for landlords to wield construction as a tool to bully tenants out of their apartments. The Mayor is expected to sign the package into law, which includes the following:

  • Landlords of rent-stabilized apartments must submit information on buyouts to the city’s HPD within 90 days of making the offer. This includes the amount of money offered and the name of the tenants.
  • DOB must inspect buildings undergoing construction to verify that the properties are unoccupied.
  • Owners who make false statements on permit applications to the DOB will be punished with significant fines. 

Worth Noting: City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said he hopes the council’s legislation can ultimately work in tandem with Albany’s ambitious plans to reform rent regulation laws, TRD noted.

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