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WeWork’s Adam Neumann makes unique investments

Align closely with his personal interests

Neumann is an avid surfer (Credit: CNN()

Adam Neumann is using WeWork to pursue his hobbies and personal interests. The WSJ published a scathing critique of the company’s investments in the past few years. Here are a few highlights:

  • When Adam and Rebekah Neumann became dissatisfied with schooling options for their children, WeWork launched a private elementary school, WeGrow
  • WeWork paid $13.8 million in cash and stock for a 42% stake in Wavegarden, a maker of wave pools. Neumann is an avid surfer, and believes that surfing creates community. The company has since written down the value of the investment to zero.
  • The co-working company led a $32 million investment in Laird Hamilton’s natural-foods business. Neumann frequently hits the waves with the surfing legend. 
  • The company paid more than $60 million to acquire a private jet for its CEO. 

Heard in the Valley: Gene Munster’s Loup Ventures: “It’s concerning because you are mingling personal and company interests and that rarely turns out well… Public investors are less tolerant of this.” SoftBank declined to comment on the story. 

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