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Cuomo begs Bezos to reconsider

Cuomo’s personal pitch did not seem to work

Jeff Bezos (Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Governor Andrew Cuomo is working to lure Amazon back to Long Island City. In calls with Jeff Bezos and other executives, he reassured Amazon that he could still deliver on his end of the deal.

Fait accompli: The company’s executives gave no sense they would reconsider, according to a report in the NYTimes.

Why it doesn’t matter: As the deal started to turn into a PR nightmare for Amazon, the growing backlash started tarnishing its image around the country. Amazon’s Holly Sullivan put it well, “We think we could have gotten New York done, but you have to ask at what cost?”

Damage control for broader industry: In an open letter to Bezos in this morning’s edition of the NYTimes, leaders asked him to reverse course and build the campus. It was signed by the AFL-CIO, business executives, and a bipartisan group of politicians.

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