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Amazon reconsiders Long Island City

Appointment of Michael Gianaris to the Public Authorities Control Board could scuttle deal

Protesters have been out in full force (Credit: NYTimes / Hiroko Masuike)

The Washington Post published an article on Friday saying that Amazon is reconsidering its plans to move to LIC. Amazon subsequently told the New York Times that the article had gone too far and the company has no intention of backing out. 

The Backdrop: The State Senate appointed Michael Gianaris to the Public Authorities Control Board last week. Gianaris would be one of three voting board members who could veto state actions on the project. The board has killed large-scale projects in the past, such as a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan proposed by Mayor Bloomberg. 

Worth Noting: Governor Cuomo could reject the pick and has warned Senate Democrats about the political impact of the deal falling through. In a radio interview last week, the Governor called actions of the Senate Democrats “governmental malpractice”.

What’s next: If Cuomo rejects the appointment, it would force a standoff with the new Democratic majority in the Senate, which would then have to nominate someone new to the board.

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