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REX raises $75M Series C Round

The tech enabled brokerage claims to use AI and ML to micro-target home-buyers

REX CEO Jack Ryan (Credit: Bloomberg)

REX, a tech-enabled residential brokerage has raised a $45 million Series C round. The company has now raised $75 million. 

What they do: The firm uses technology and software to help simplify the process of buying and selling a home. With machine learning and AI, they target potential homebuyers based on geography, income, and life stage. 

Dig Deeper: The LA-based brokerage operates outside the traditional MLS, and charges a two percent fee for the entire transaction. Surprisingly, the firm only has 34 listings in New York and 138 throughout the entire California. 

Investors include… Scott McNealy, Dick Schulze, Gordon Segal, and Amit Singhal. [TechCrunch+Bloomberg]

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