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Andy Byford warns system will descend into a “death spiral”

Subway system is in dire need of repair

Andy Byford (Credit: David Cooper / Toronto Star)

NYC Transit chief Andy Byford continues his push to overhaul the broken subway, according to Bloomberg. He warned that if the city and state do not invest $40 billion over the next decade, the system will descend into a “death spiral”. 

Cuomo vs. De Blasio: How to raise the money… The Governor favors a Value Capture Plan, which would tax building owners whose properties increase in value as a result of being near mass transit. Those funds would then be sent to the MTA to pay for transportation improvements in that area. De Blasio, on the other hand, favors a millionaire’s tax.

The right plan: Byford’s plan actually addresses the core problem. It focuses on speeding up the rollout of a new signal system to replace the subway’s current equipment that has been used since the 1930’s.

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