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Head of BQX project to step down

Adam Giambrone will step down next month

(Credit: BQX)

The head of the Brooklyn-Queens Connector project (BQX) announced earlier this week that he’s stepping down. Let’s hope this doesn’t further hamper the project. 

Last month… City officials said that plans to build the BQX are still alive, but are far less ambitious. The project will only run from Astoria to Gowanus instead of it stretching further south to Sunset Park. The streetcars are estimated to cost $2.73 billion, and should be running by 2029.

Shot: This project is still on life support as it relies on the federal government to contribute $1 billion. Earlier this year, it took a lot of political maneuvering just to secure $500 million for the $30 billion Gateway Project in the spending bill. Add this resignation to the mix and it’s not a good sign. 

Chaser: The project appeared dead in April when the Mayor deemed it not “the right use of capital money for a transportation project.” At least it’s back on the table.

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