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Drones are transforming real estate

Sales of drone have increased exponentially

(Credit: B&H Photo and Video)

Drones are now performing tasks that involve inspections, measurements, and marketing images. Asides for increasing efficiency and decreasing costs, drones are also saving executives time by limiting trips to job sites.

By the numbers: Sales of drones increased 33 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to the NY Times.

Heard on the Street: McCall Real Estate: “A drone really helps us to conceptualize what a development is going to be, because sometimes it’s hard to do that just from a set of plans… Everyone loves a good aerial. Drones allowed us to paint a picture for the investors about why this was a good idea.”

Saving lives… Falls accounted for 384 of the 991 deaths in the construction industry. With drones replacing humans for quality-control inspections and similar tasks, this number will hopefully fall.

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