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Fifth Wall Ventures raises new fund

Still looking to raise another $300M

Brendan Wallace and Brad Greiwe (Credit: FifthWall)

VC firm, Fifth Wall Ventures has raised $100 million from 19 unnamed investors as part of what they hope will be a new $400 million real estate tech fund, according to the Wall Street Journal. As money continues to pour into tech, it’s a good time to be a startup. 

What the best VC’s looks for: Mike Volpi of Index Ventures believes that the key to a successful startup is its founding team. The best entrepreneurs “have the personality to be able to overcome long odds and have a strong sense of self-determination.” The most successful founders are good at recruiting, leading, and learning. Not rocket science.

Past investments include: Industrious, Harbor, VTS, Opendoor, and WiredScore.

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