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President Trump and Kim Jong Un: Real Estate Diplomacy

President is stressing economic potential

The Washington Post reported some fascinating behind the scenes detail from the historic meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un earlier this week. It included a fascinating real estate angle.

Real Estate Diplomacy: The president suggested that he might be able to orchestrate a meeting with some of his real estate friends, who could help build beautiful condos and waterfront hotels in the communist country.

Quotable: Senator Lindsey Graham: “He’s approaching North Korea as a distressed property with a cash-flow problem. Here’s how we can fix it… It’s like he’s selling condos, that’s what he is doing.” Highly transactional.

Why it matters: It’s evident from the story that the President views diplomacy through the lens of a real estate developer. 

What the experts are saying: Former CIA Asia expert Michael Morell “There’s nothing in this agreement that the North Koreans haven’t agreed to many times, only to have it fall apart.”

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