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Cadre to offer slices of existing loans

Smart addition to the growing platform

Cadre’s Founder and CEO Ryan Williams (Credit: TechCrunch)

Cadre’s Ryan Williams announced that the firm plans to buy slices of existing loans and make them available to their investors on their platform. Smart addition! (The firm has no plans to issue its own loans as they clarified to TRD).

What they do: Cadre buys commercial properties and allows its members to acquire small stakes in the various deals. The platform looks like an e-commerce store — just with price tags ranging between $50 million and $250 million. It allows buyers to invest in properties directly and bypass traditional real estate funds.

Grand Vision: Cadre ventures to offer an alternative that makes the real estate market more like the stock market. The startup raised $65 million in series C funding this past June at an $800 million valuation. Major disruption!

Worth Noting: In January, Goldman Sachs committed $250 million in money collected from private-wealth clients to Cadre as reported by Bloomberg.

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