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Gateway Tunnel funding – a sticking point in spending bill

Lawmakers want $900M

(Credit: Gateway Program Development Corp)

President Trump has threatened to veto the spending bill if it includes funding for the Gateway tunnel project in NYC. Lawmakers want to earmark $900 million for the project in a $1.2 trillion spending bill.

The Backdrop: Officials from New York and New Jersey say they had an agreement with former President Obama’s administration for the federal government to fund half of the project. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao denied any documentation of such an agreement and said the Administration would like the two states to pay more, according to the Washington Post.

Total Project Cost: The Gateway program costs an estimated $30 billion, with $13 billion going towards the tunnel project.

Worth Noting: At a September meeting, the President offered Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer funding for the Gateway project in exchange for border wall funding. Schumer slammed the White House yesterday for “playing politics” with such an important infrastructure project.

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